“Have you noticed a difference in the children since the Feed the Hungry school-kitchen was opened 6 months ago?”

“Well, they don’t faint and fall out of their chairs anymore.”

This was an actual (and not surprising) conversation between a Feed the Hungry San Miguel Trustee and the principal of a single-room primary school where the majority of the children arrive at school without having had breakfast. For many of them, dinner will be a few tortillas.

Since 1984, thousands upon thousands of malnourished children have received a hot nutritious meal every school day. Today, more than 4,000 children benefit from the Feed the Hungry school meals program. And because they are required to attend school to receive the meal, they also receive a basic education. Family nutrition education workshops are offered to the mothers of these children, encouraging them to participate in improving the health of the entire family.


In 2019, Feed the Hungry San Miguel celebrated 35 years of providing hot, nutritious school meals to needy children in San Miguel de Allende. Although the organization has grown and evolved, we are still dedicated to our original mission and to fulfilling the vision of our founders. When we open a school kitchen, we promise to stay as long as the community needs us to.

Every week, more than 12,000 pounds of produce, meats, and dry goods are delivered to our school kitchens. We now provide meals for more than 4,000 children every school day at our 36 kitchens, as well as food for 7 local charities, and nutrition education for families. In 10 schools, we provide two meals per day because of extended school hours, or, where we provide breakfast, it is because the children arrive to school too hungry to stay awake in class until lunchtime.

Assessments of the health of the children before and after they enter our meals program reveal a marked improvement in their development, with fewer signs of malnutrition.

Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s track record of improving the quality of life of needy children and their families is tangible evidence of the sustainability of our program. Our Board of Trustees, staff, and volunteers have demonstrated their ability to operate a highly efficient and effective community development model. As an organization, we expect to strengthen and expand our services to San Miguel’s disadvantaged rural and urban populations for many years to come.

We cannot continue our work without your help… please give as much and as often as you can.