In San Miguel de Allende, a relatively prosperous city in central Mexico, thousands of children do not have enough food. Many of them do not eat every day. Malnutrition and under-nutrition affect their physical and cognitive development. Because they are unable to concentrate, hungry children do poorly in school and are vulnerable to numerous infections and disease.

A malnourished girl grows into a malnourished woman and gives birth to a malnourished baby. If the baby even survives, the cycle is self-perpetuating. When sustained malnutrition occurs in the womb or in the first two years of life, the physical and cognitive damage it causes is near impossible to reverse.

The most recent report (2008) from Mexico’s National Evaluation Council on Social Development (CONEVAL) claimed that nearly 49 million Mexicans — more than 46% of the country’s population — suffered from “food insecurity” at the time of the research. The State of Guanajuato, where San Miguel de Allende is located, was awarded the fifth highest rank in moderate to severe food insecurity.

Help Feed the Hungry San Miguel attain our ultimate goal: “No child in San Miguel shall know the pain of hunger.”