Planning for the Future at FTH

On Wednesday August 21st board members, staff, cooks, volunteers, and consultants of Feed the Hungry San Miguel got together at Hotel Real de Minas San Miguel de Allende to hold a day-long strategic planning session. Having an updated, functional strategy is essential to the effectiveness and permanence of any organization. As an NGO, Feed the Hungry is taking crucial steps to improve current practices and processes, in order to achieve long and short term impact on all the children, families, and rural communities where the organization has a presence.

After 35 years, the wealth of knowledge and experience of everyone at FTH is simply invaluable. There were plenty of great ideas generated during this strategic planning session. “I learned more about FTH in one day than in the last 18 months! Everyone participated enthusiastically”, said Joan Nagelkirk, member of the board of Feed the Hungry who is leading the Strategic Planning Efforts.

The process will continue mid-September with a special board meeting to work on the strategic plan. Our deepest gratitude to all those who participated, including Marco Pérez from EMC Consulting.

Here is to our next 35 years of providing hot, nutritious meals to those who need it most! 

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Planning for the Future at FTH