FTHSM Autumn Magic Tour brings health and hope to San Miguel de Allende

Seven days in San Miguel de Allende go by in the blink of an eye – especially when you’re having fun while contributing to the well-being of children in the most disadvantaged rural communities of the municipality.

For a whole week, members of St George’s Episcopal Church from Germantown, Tennessee; and other special guests from around the U.S., got an insider’s view of San Miguel de Allende. All profits from the tour will go to the operation of FTH’s school kitchens and core programs. The wonderful group of visitors were hosted by the magnificent Casa San José and also by a few select local residents, in beautiful private homes. The week was full of unique experiences such as: a mask-making workshop with Maestro Hermes Arroyo (Mojigangas San Miguel), a tour and lunch at Hacienda Santa Clara, a visit to the Mask Museum followed by lunch at Casa de la Cuesta, and wonderful private parties in some of the most stunning San Miguel houses, just to name a few.

One of the most special moments of the Autumn Magic 2018 tour was the tour of the Feed the Hungry warehouse facilities, during which the participants got a complete perspective of the processes and operations of Feed the Hungry San Miguel; as well as all the elements that make it work: from key staff roles, to the backbone that are our volunteers (packers and drivers alike), to the organization that makes it all possible. Another moment that will no doubt remain in the memories of the participants was the visit to the school and kitchen in the community of La Campana, where the visitors interacted with the children who receive hot, nutritious meals every school day through Feed the Hungry San Miguel. The visit to Centro Infantil also included several heart-warming moments that will no doubt serve as powerful mementos of a vacation that was transformative and profoundly moving for tour participants and everyone else involved.

The tour came to a close with a superb farewell dinner at the gorgeous Casa del Obelisco, amenised by a terrific mariachi band that had all the attendees singing and dancing, enjoying the final moments of a life-changing trip. We were honored by the presence of many Feed the Hungry longtime benefactors, as well as our excellent staff and board members. Architect Rafael Franco was the speaker of the event and his speech touched the hearts of everyone present – all in all, an evening to remember!


As you can see, our first Autumn Magic Tour was a huge success and we can’t wait for the next ones. We wish to express our profound gratitude to all those who made it possible: the extraordinary group of visitors from St George’s Episcopal Church; the generous hosts (Casa San José, Casa de la Cuesta, Hacienda Santa Clara, Casa del Obelisco, Ms. Beverly Moore, Mr. Steve Livingston, Mrs. Diane Largman, Ms. Joan Nagelkirk), the remarkable organizers’ committee, and all the individuals and service providers who supported us in the execution of this tour.

“Thank you and the wonderful folks at Feed the Hungry for the great work and service you provide to the very needy young children in San Miguel. We are honored to be a part of this family as contributors and look forward to doing what we can to assist you. Our visit was an eye-opener in many ways. The gracious hosting of so many events provided us with an education and an opportunity to visit with those involved in this mission. Thank you to those wonderful folks who opened up their homes to us and hosted the dinners and cocktail hours. We’ll never forget this experience or the people and children we met.” – Autumn Magic tour participant

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FTHSM Autumn Magic Tour brings health and hope to San Miguel de Allende

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