“March Magic 2018” Fundraiser Benefits 260 Students

March Magic 2018 participants visited Casa de las Ranas / The Chapel of Jimmy Ray

If you follow us on social media, you probably know that Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s “March Magic 2018” tour – which began on March 1st and ended on the evening of March 7th – was a success! We’re thrilled about the experience and grateful for the enthusiasm of the great group of participants who joined us this year. 

The group also visited the Sanctuary of Atotonilco

Attending our March 2018 fundraiser were 20 guests from 9 US states, here to experience the heart and soul of San Miguel during Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s second “March Magic” excursion. While feasting on the rich sights and sounds of our stunning city, they also contributed to the health and future of children in one of our poorest communities.

Hacienda Santa Clara, one of our generous event hosts and sponsors for March Magic 2018

Feed the Hungry San Miguel provided the guests with housing in private homes, phenomenal food and entertainment, transportation, and unique outings. The guests also traveled with us to the countryside to visit our school kitchen in the Clavellinas community and to meet some of the children helped by their support.

March Magic 2018 participants interacted with the children during their visit to our school kitchen in Clavellinas

Rates of obesity, overweight, and underweight have improved over 2016, yet our 2017 nutrition assessment found 44% of the Clavellinas kindergarten and elementary school students are still underweight. Thanks to our March Magic guests, this school kitchen will be funded for at least another year! As our newest “Kitchen Angels” they can be proud of their contribution to the wellbeing of 260 children that receive a hot, nutritious meal every school day from Feed the Hungry San Miguel.

We would like to thank the many hosts and vendors who made the excursion so memorable (too many to list here!). And, we especially thank our guests for their enthusiastic support of Feed the Hungry San Miguel.

Thank you for an experience we will never forget. We saw places we would never have seen if we had come by ourselves. Bob and I especially loved visiting the school. Staying in private homes added so much to the trip. And the many beautifully catered opportunities to socialize with Feed the Hungry volunteers and other people here for March Magic were a delight. The food was amazing and you found such beautiful venues. Sometimes I felt like we were on an Architectural Digest tour of San Miguel! We are so impressed with Feed the Hungry and the work you have done.  Ann Martin, March Magic 2018 guest

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“March Magic 2018” Fundraiser Benefits 260 Students

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