Bundling up in Los Ricos

This has been an unusually cold winter in the whole of San Miguel de Allende. Distant communities such as Los Ricos de Abajo are hit the hardest. For several years, a crew of volunteer teachers that are also part of Feed the Hungry San Miguel has been teaching English classes to children and some adults in the village.

Lucha, the principal of the “Naciones Unidas” school in Los Ricos, e-mailed Dianne Walta – director of the volunteer teachers group – saying: “…at the moment it is really very cold here at Los Ricos, there has been ice and snow!”.

The teachers, unstoppable and determined, took heed of Lucha’s  weather report. They showed up very warmly dressed indeed for their orientation day and we’re sure they will be dressed like this, if not warmer, when they visit Los Ricos in the next few days. 

Fortunately, not everyone must endure the chilling temperatures  right now. Rosa Elena Jacinto, the UTSMA student from Los Ricos who benefited from a scholarship awarded by the volunteer teachers group, is on her way to San José, Costa Rica where it is certainly much warmer. She is doing a tourism internship at a Marriott Hotel. “We hope that all is going as planned!”, wrote Dianne.

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Bundling up in Los Ricos

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